Privacy Policy

Privacy statement effective November 2013 (“the website”) have assembled this privacy statement as a means of passing on our information usage practices to you (“the client”). We obtain our information from the details that are provided through the client registration form. We find this information pertinent to the operation of running our tuition service. We reserve the right to change this privacy statement at any time, so we find it significant that the client check this statement regularly. Any questions regarding the content of this statement should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When these changes are made, we will do our best, without guarantee, that we will provide information to clients that our terms and privacy practices have changed.

Information gathering and clients’ personally identifying information

The client information that we gather through the client registration and profile form is provided at free will upon agreeing to become a member of The client is free to cancel their membership, or amend any personal details at their own discretion. We track and follow these details as and when required for our business operation. In the event of membership termination, we shall keep information for a reasonable time thereafter before removing these details fully from our database.

Third party advertising and file logging

We reserve the right to keep files logged about our clients’ usage of our services and the information we receive through our services. The file logging process provides us with the ability to discover steps we should take in order to provide a better service, in terms of content and technology. We reserve the right to allow third party advertising based on the information we collect from our clients. These companies will be provided with relevant information on traffic, demographic analysis, and interests, but will not include personally identifying information.

Our email service

Through the information clients provide when agreeing to become a member of, we will obtain email addresses. This will be used for providing invoices and receipts, and contact regarding our services and any relevant information the client wishes to receive on request. We may, on occasions, send out news feeds, as well as promotional emails, which the client may decide to opt out of by sending us an email.
Use of information

Information sharing

The site and its directors will not sell, give away, share or participate in any other personally identifying information sharing of its clients’ details for profit to third party companies. In some circumstances, authorities may require our co-operation with this information, which we will assist only under the duty bound limitations of the law.
Tutors contact information that they submit upon contractual membership shall be shared with potential clients, but addresses will remain private.
Client information consisting of email address, student educational status, and previous lesson history within the site will be shared with potential tutors.

Member inactivity

If any client has a period of inactivity of more than 6 months from using our services, we shall notify and request a status update of your intended actions. Failure to update us will result in permanent termination of client membership.

Telephone and contactable information

Any client of the site is required to provide contactable information such as telephone numbers and addresses. This information will never be shared, except under terms already stated, and is only for internal use by our team. For third party requests, we will only provide information that is personally identifying under special written approval by the client.

Credit card and payment information

Due to certain, justified press coverage of internet credit fraud and personal detail “hacking”, we realise that credit information and banking details are a big security topic for many clients. We have opted to use Cardsave, a member of the Worldpay group, which we have integrated into the site. We therefore hold no credit or payment information, and anything that is remotely connected to payments shall be encrypted and held on secure web pages.

Location of personal information

Any personally identifying information that a client submits will be held in databases located in the UK.


We use measures that we see fit to protect personal information from outside parties not primarily connected with the business or the clients’ interests. The clients are responsible for protecting their own account from unwanted access by choosing a unique password and changing this on a regular basis, logging off after each session, and refraining from telling anyone their account password.