Exam Prep


2-4 weeks

How often:

1-2 lessons per week

Who is it for:

Students that need exam focussed coaching for technique and general topic revision

What we need to know: The qualification you are studying
Current/latest attainment grade
The examination board
Area of intended improvement (if known)
Our proposal:

We will provide a tuition plan that consists of multiple practice exams during lessons that your tutor will coach you through. Technique and general methodology will be focussed on during lessons.

You will have a tutor assigned to you, who is best suited to your needs. He/she will be briefed on your situation and will provide the exams to go through each lesson.
You will receive private tuition with your tutor in our state of the art online classroom.
You can purchase exam papers to practice in your own time under exam conditions too. When you send your completed exam to us, we will mark it, and provide feedback on areas that could be improved.
Included resources:

Live tuition, online classroom, full library access, eBooks, practice questions, mock exams, video tutorials

Costs: See tuition prices for your level of education

Mock Exam

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