Continuous Tution

Length: Usually 3 months or more
How often: 1-2 lessons per week
Who is it for: Students that need a confidence boost or an increase in their attainment level
What we need to know: The qualification you are studying
Current/latest attainment grade
The examination board
Diagnostic Assessment: This is optional, but recommended. It will provide your tutor and you with feedback about the best course of action for your maths tuition.
Our proposal: We will provide a tuition program and set realistic achievement targets and progress tests with you. This is fully flexible as your tuition progresses. This is only included if a diagnostic assessment has been completed.
You will have a tutor assigned to you, who is best suited to your needs. He/she will be briefed on your situation and may even be involved in your target setting and tuition program details
You will receive private tuition with your tutor in our state of the art online classroom
Included resources: Live tuition, online classroom, full library access, eBooks, practice questions, progress tests, mock exams, video tutorials
Review stages: Achievement target reviews and progress tests as detailed in the tuition program.
Costs: See tuition prices for your level of education
£49.99 Diagnostic Test (Recommended)
£29.99 per Progress Test
£19.99 per Mock Exam
FREE Library access
FREE Video Tutorials
FREE eBooks and Practice Questions