Why CyberTutor

We have a real passion for the future of education and we have channelled it into an environment that is very distinct. We are so confident that we got the balance just right, we thought we’d share our reasoning. Hopefully you’ll jump onboard and share our enthusiasm as a registered student. The difference about CyberTutor than other tuition services, is that we are very exam focussed, our expertise is deleting skills and ability whilst maintaining the end goal, exams. We encourage exam question practice right from the start.

In summary, we pride ourselves in offering a competitive, powerful, and flexible educational environment than traditional home tuition services. We have a growing community of students, and have continued efforts to unite all of our students in our community via social media interactions. Quite simply, it helps the learning experience enormously when the scales are set just right between fun connections and serious education.

We founded the company based on an alternative service to home tuition with our innovative CyberClassroom, for use with our one to one online tuition service. Run by one of our highly qualified tutors, whether you're on an intensive tuition plan, or a gentle continuous plan, you’ll love our enthusiasm, and we’ll make it relevant to your syllabus requirements.

Natural growth of CyberTutor created a different service, namely a tuition centre, Chelmsford tuition club. We didn't want a generic tuition club, we wanted to keep the values we hold dear. The club is exam focussed, and with individual maths tuition plans our students grow to a confident and skilled level with the end goal in mind, the exams.

All of our tutors undergo a strict vetting program, checking qualifications, CV, and finally an interview, before we decide if we think they are suitable to offer their services to you. You can be sure they’re the best, and all of our tutors are privileged to teach for CyberTutor Ltd.

The result, contented tutors, pleased parents, and most importantly, confident students. Our results speak for themselves, check out our testimonials.

Price Comparison

Part of our pledge is to offer a competitive alternative. We have summarised our strategy by researching home tutor prices and what’s on offer. We found out the following:

  • At Chelmsford tuition club, we charge less than the average national tuition centre prices, and have less students too. We keep our class size healthy, so that there is interaction between peers, but not too many that tutor time is compromised.
  • Our online prices are also less than the average tuition rate for a decent, experienced, and knowledgeable tutor. Yes, there are cheaper tutors out there, but we offer a wealth of experience, and offer much more than just a helping hand to answering questions.

At CyberTutor, we charge less than the average tuition rate, but we offer much more. As part of your tuition with us, you will have FREE access to our fantastic library of resources including eBooks, practice questions, examples, and video tutorials.

Bespoke Service

We also offer a bespoke service to really put some organisation into your tuition, by choosing an online tuition plan such as continuous tuition, or guaranteed grade. We do this using a diagnostic assessment and progress testing, giving you and us the chance to see improvement through target achievement. This means you will have much more structure if you want it. Our Chelmsford tuition club creates a tailored tuition plan for you, it's not generic like a lot of tuition centres.

Private Tuition or Group Learning

Good question, we know that focussed one to one tuition is invariably the most attention you get from a teacher. This is what we specialise in and what is used by our students using our online tuition service. You will notice benefits right from lesson 1, some would say it’s an exponential learning curve! You’ll get the best out of us, and we’ll back you up by providing resources to help you practice what you’ve learnt.

Our Chelmsford tuition club is a very effective way to learn also, and has equal benefits to private tuition. In our experience, students need a minute or 2 to practice something they have just learnt, especially in Maths. Being in a group of peers means that the tutor can leave you to it for that small amount of time whilst you practice.

Basically, what this means is that we at CyberTutor have invested in the technology and expertise to deliver a simple, quality, competitively priced, flexible, and personalised service for you.