Assessment Services

What it is: An assessment that is designed to identify your mathematical strengths and weaknesses
How it’s done: We’ll send you a paper exam with instructions. You should complete the maths exam, and send it back to us to assess
The test itself: Our team will construct a series of questions based on your education level and syllabus. It will cover a broad area of topics and graded questions
What it assesses: Maths topics (algebra, number, etc) as well as mathematical abilities such as recalling knowledge, applying methods, and analysing problems
The results: We will mark your assessment and provide a detailed breakdown of your ability of topics and techniques, as well as your current level. These results will be accompanied by charts indicating strengths and weaknesses in various areas. We will summarise by indicating which topics and techniques will improve your mathematical skills the most
What next: If this forms part of a prospective tuition plan, we will include a tuition proposal with your results
Cost: £49.99
What it is: An online assessment in a classroom that is designed to test targets that have been previously set
How it’s done: Your tutor will set up a series of questions in a classroom and agree a date with you that it should be completed by. He/she will then mark it and write a short report
The test itself: Questions will be mainly based on your current targets
The results: The report will indicate if targets have been completed, or whether they require more maths tuition. If targets have been completed, they will be replaced with new targets. This is an ideal time for you to speak with your tutor about your progress and any advice he/she may have for you
Cost: £29.99
What it is: A past exam paper from your current exam board in an online classroom that is marked by your tutor
How it’s done: Your tutor will set the exam in a classroom and agree a date with you that it should be completed by. He/she will then mark and annotate it and inform you of your grade
The test itself: An actual past exam from your exam board
The results: The exam is marked in the classroom, and your tutor will inform you when you can review it. Where appropriate your tutor will annotate to show methodology improvements
Cost: £19.99