General Questions

Why Online Tuition, and why CyberTutor?

Online tuition is quickly becoming the next generation of home learning for the simple fact that the youth of today are complete computer whizzes. We are merely looking out for the needs of students, and CyberTutor offers the complete package, right from an office chair. In summary, CyberTutor offers:

  • Flexibility: choose your own time, date, tutor, and we will customise the lesson for you
  • No travelling means it is eco-friendly, and means we can add FREE resources
  • Safe and fun virtual whiteboard learning environment
  • Secure card payment
  • Organised tuition planning

Please visit our Why CyberTutor page for more information.

I need tutoring for a subject other than maths?

We currently only offer maths tuition, but if you require help in another subject, please contact us with your request, and we will try and find a suitable tutor through our contacts.

I have a question that doesn’t seem to be answered on the website?

Please inform us, and we will add it to our FAQ’s with a prompt reply to you.

How much does it cost?

You can have private maths tuition from £25 ph for secondary school level or below, or £30 ph for college level or above.

When do I need to pay?

You will pay of lesson credits upfront which you can use at your convenience. Time limits apply. See Terms and Conditions.

How do I Pay?

We use Cardsave for our customer payments, a subsidiary company of World Pay. When paying for lessons, services, or products, you will be directed to our checkout screen. Simply put in your credit/debit card details, and you will be informed that your payment has been accepted, along with a lesson confirmation email.

Can I get a refund for cancelled lessons?

You can cancel your lesson up to 48 hours before your lesson is due to begin. You will be automatically credited back your lesson on your account. You can cancel within this 48 hour period by contacting your tutor, but you will not be eligible for a lesson credit refund.
If you are unsatisfied with a lesson/service, you can direct your query/complaint to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to help you.

What tuition do you offer?

We offer personalised private maths tuition with a tutor of your choice, at times that are flexible to you, all the while providing a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for learning.
You can choose a suitable tuition plan for your needs, but this remains flexible and you can change how you’d like to receive tuition at any point by contacting your tutor.

Who is CyberTutor aimed at?

CyberTutor caters for primary school, secondary school, college, and adult learners. Basically, anyone who needs tuition. You just need to get in contact with us or a tutor you like the sound of, to discuss your requirements in the first instance.

When is CyberTutor open?

CyberTutor is open from 6am to midnight everyday, as long as the tutor of your choice has posted an availability time slot for you to book.

What if my tutor can’t help with something?

All of our tutors are professionally qualified, screened, and checked in on every now and again. They will all know your syllabus requirements and techniques to help you succeed, it’s part of the tutor assignment process. Having said that, no one knows absolutely everything, and if a tutor can’t help with something, we encourage them to move on with the lesson to save time. They will then find a solution for you after your lesson is complete, or contact another tutor who will be able to assist. You will then receive an email with your answer, or they will have the solution ready for your next lesson.

Do you have an email for customer service?

Yes….. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. send us an email and we will respond asap.

Is it safe?

Yes. Our tutors are screened, and checked out before we allow them to teach on CyberTutor.

What is a CyberClassroom?

This is our online classroom, where you will learn topics with your tutor. It is a virtual whiteboard, where you can draw, handwrite, type, edit and much more. You’ll need our pen tablet to make best use out of all these features. Voice chat is also used via a headset.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a headset, and we highly recommend a pen tablet too. The pen tablet is a device that allows you to draw and handwrite onto the screen, just as if it were a piece of paper. We recommend the Trust Technology Ltd headset and tablet, and we sell  them at a great price too. Once you have logged in to your members area, you can order them separately or in packages to save money. Note: many laptops and computers have a built in microphone and speakers, we do not recommend using this, as it will cause feedback and annoying noises for both you and the tutor.

How affordable is CyberTutor?

We are competitively priced, and offer FREE resources to supplement your lessons. Many people agree that the resources we have provide the makings for a better learning experience.

Questions about Lessons

How do I book a private lesson?

Once you have registered, you will have access to your members area.  Click “Book Lessons”, and you will see a list of teachers that have specified they are available. Choose a teacher and then choose a slot from their calendar and confirm your booking.

I can’t book a lesson at the exact time and date that I want?

You have to remember that your tutor has to be available at the time you want too, and this may not always be the case. You may need to check other dates/times that your tutor has indicated he/she is available. We do encourage tutors to be as flexible as possible with their availability times. Another option you have is to fill out the contact us form on the website, advising when you would like a lesson, and we will do our best to accommodate that for you.

Why can’t I book a lesson for tomorrow or the next day?

You can, but not from your student account. You'll need to contact your tutor and ask them if it is ok to book a late notice slot. If they agree, then they will need to log in to their tutor account and book it for you. As long as you have lesson credits available, it wont be a problem.

Can I work with the same tutor all the time?

Yes. You can choose your favourite tutor, and keep booking with him/her. You can even suggest to your tutor when you would like your next lesson at the end of your current lesson. They will then post a time slot for you to book when you finish your lesson.

Can my tutor book for me?

Yes. You can agree with your tutor when you would like your next lesson at the end of your current lesson. If they don’t hear otherwise, they will book the lesson for you. You can cancel this as per the normal way, but please let your tutor know if you do.

How long do you recommend I should book a lesson for?

All lessons are automatically booked for 1 hour. This tends to be a good amount of time to keep the lesson beneficial. If you’d like longer, you can book 2 lessons back to back. We’d recommend a 5 minute water break at a convenient time if you have a 2 hour lesson.

How many students are in a lesson?

Just you. We offer private tuition, which is focussed on you, with no other distractions.

When I click the Join button, the lesson doesn't open, how comes?

You'll need to disable pop ups, or allow the CyberTutor pop up privileges.

Why cant I pay when booking a lesson?

You don't need to pay whilst you are booking a lesson. You need to buy some lesson credits, which you can use in the future when you know what dates and times you need lessons booked for. Once you have bought credits, you can book any available slots with your tutor.


Technical Questions

What if my broadband stops working in a lesson?

We can’t guarantee that everyone’s internet will work all the time. We do however realise that internet service providers are becoming very reliable. It is up to you to ensure that your modem/router and internet connection within your home is adequate and meets the requirements that we publish. In extreme cases where service providers have a malfunction, we will investigate further.

I can’t hear any audio in the classroom?

You need to ensure that you have your audio settings correct. Follow these steps: 
Click Start > Control Panel > Sound
Ensure the playback tab is selected, and ensure the green tick is selected on your headphones. If it is not, highlight them, and click “set default”.
Now click on properties for the headphones and ensure that “Use this device (Enable)” is selected.
Now click on the “levels” tab at the top of the properties window. Ensure that the volume is not muted, and that it is set to a suitable level. Click ok, and then ok again.
You can watch our video tutorial of how to set up your sound properly too from the library. 

My tutor can’t hear me in the classroom?

You need to ensure that you have your microphone settings correct. Follow these steps:

Click Start > Control Panel > Sound

Ensure the recording tab is selected, and ensure the green tick is selected on your microphone that you use. If it is not, highlight it and click “set default”.
Now click on properties for your microphone, and select the levels tab at the top.

Ensure that microphone volume is selected at a suitable level, and not muted. If necessary, test out the microphone volume using the sound recorder before your next lesson. You can find the sound recorder here (Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder). Simply record yourself saying something at normal speech volume, and then play it back to test the volume. Alternatively, you can just change the volume when you’re in the lesson, but this wastes your lesson time.

You can watch our video tutorial of how to set up your sound properly too from the library.