CyberTutor Tuition Club has a great team of Maths Tutors and Science tutors that provide a professional maths tuition and science tuition service for students in secondary school or college. The system we have is based around the initial consultation, and a free assessment if required. We then design a tuition plan for each student individually, so we can teach the most appropriate skills and knowledge in either maths or science. We have a flexible teaching platform, where our tutors will encourage and build on methods and concepts already known, but have the resources and know how of when to try a different approach to learning. Our approach to support is thorough, flexible, with a well devised structure.




You are welcome to a FREE consultation at home so we can listen to your story so far, and show your how we can be part of the positive changes to your education in the future. We can judge what level you are at, discuss our recommendations, and leave you to make the right choice.


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CyberTutors Chelmsford Tuition Club is offering tailored tuition in GCSE Maths 9-1. If you want to see what we do, contact us and we can arrange a day to visit our maths club.
Level GCSE Maths 9-1
How often Every Tuesday or Friday* from 1800 - 1930
Who is it for If you have a positive attitude to learning and are studying for GCSE maths 9-1, and want to improve your technique or knowledge, no matter what level you are
Tailored Tuition Plan

We assess your current situation to create you a specific, tailored tuition plan based on:

1) How far into your course you are

2) What your latest attainment and effort grades are

3) Length of time before exam sitting

We then create you a CyberTutor GCSE maths tuition pack, with all the modules and practice maths exam questions you need. You'll get a tuition plan book with the study material, a schedule, and a tasks section so we can let you know how you can focus on techniques and improve your maths knowledge. Your tuition club folder will be something you take away and bring with you each time you attend.
Our services Join our maths club and you will have a regular space to receive the support you need. We encourage 100% attendance for maximum exam benefit.
Our maths tutors run the classes. Your tutors will teach topics to you, and help you improve each time you attend the tuition club
Once you finish modules, we review them with you to check your factual knowledge and techniques
You will take regular progress tests so we can help you find areas to focus on, and the ones you are strong in
We give regular reports detailing how you are getting on in each topic, what our grade prediction is for you, and what your current grade is now
Our approach This is not school, we are informal but very informative, and we inspire learning.
Working in small groups of students that have a great attitude is an effective way of learning.
We are EXAM FOCUSSED! We can't stress this enough, the majority of our classes will be orientated around maths exam questions, and the dreaded "Questions in context".
We are friendly, and encourage contact outside of classes too. Let your tutor know if you have something you'd like to go through in class, ask us if you think you have some input to what you'd like to do, and let us know how you are getting on.
Benefits Our tailored tuition plans improve your skills and confidence immensely, over the generic approach of working through books. Whats more, they are all exam focussed, so you get practice for exams immediately. We have 10 stages of tuition service, ensuring we help in many different ways.
Our Students Results Our final year students improve 3 times as much than the national average (Typically a 2 grade improvement for final year students)
Price and registration: Our tuition center prices are typically 50% cheaper than average tuition prices, plus you get so much more
GCSE £130 per month for 90 minutes each week

Registration fee: £50 (This is a one off fee as long as you remain a member, and covers any and all memberships)


We invoice monthly in advance

We will arrange a free consultation at your home to show you what we do and how we can help. Once registered, your place at the club is guaranteed for a commencement date within 2 months

Center Manager

Martin Pye
Location: Our tuition center is located at:
CyberTutor Tuition Club
Moulsham Lodge Community Trust
99 Gloucester Avenue

*Subject to availability

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